Taylor Swift vs. The Music Industry

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An independent label in Nashville, Tennessee signs a young aspiring musician to a record contract. They take a chance on an unproven teenager hoping she’ll become the next big pop star.

A former party promoter and head of marketing at So So Def got stuck in a feud with one of the biggest musical acts in the world and then decided to buy her master recordings.

A pop star with ten Grammys, 29 American Music Awards, 23 Billboard Music Awards, and 140 million followers on Instagram has arguably the highest earning catalogue of any musician alive, yet she doesn’t own most of her music.

In the lawsuit of public opinion, let’s figure out who wins.

Taylor Swift has made it clear that she really wants to own her masters and was torn apart that her masters were bought and sold recently.

Scooter Braun bought the master recordings and other assets relating to Taylor Swift and recently sold them for $300 million.

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